I'm just a southern mom, passionate about cooking for family and friends.  To me, cooking is much more than putting food on the table.  It's an act of love - a way to nurture those I cherish!  It is my hope that everyone who joins me in the kitchen will be nourished by love and affection as much as good food.

When my baby flew the coop last fall to begin his college adventures (boy was that tough, and still is!),  I had less opportunity to bake, and I really missed it.  I mean, how many brownies, chocolate chip cookies and the like can hubby and I eat?  (Perhaps I shouldn't go down that road).  Thankfully, I've been blessed to join a wonderful group of women who inspired me to begin sharing the joys of cooking on this blog.

 I've loved baking in particular (and eating too) as long as I can remember. I think I attempted my first batch of cookies at about age 11 - one taste of cookie dough and I was forever hooked!  My mom was (and still is) a wonderful cook, and it was her love of cooking that inspired me. We'd come home from school nearly every day greeted by the smell of something delicious she had baked for dessert.

 I'm not a classically trained chef by any means, but God has placed people with awesome culinary talents in my life that I could learn from.  I view recipes as a canvas that you can paint any way you wish - adding your own touches to make a new creation.  I guess you could say it's a fearless approach -  not everything will turn out perfectly (trust me I've had my share of kitchen nightmares over the years), but what joy when it does and you see others enjoying the fruits of your labor!  

Come on in and join me in the kitchen for some food and fun!

The beautiful photo on my homepage is by Quintana Roo on flckr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/quintanaroo/3636571956/
To the best of my knowledge, all images used in this blog are in the public domain.
When adapting a recipe from someone else I will always give credit in the post. Otherwise, the recipe is my own.
You are welcome to share my recipes, all I ask is you kindly give me credit. Happy cooking!